New: Coronavirus 2020 Prayer Updates 

  • Let us pray for our church and other churches seeking to work out how to worship and serve going forward.
  • For those in financial difficulties at this time.
  • Peace for those with friends or family members in care homes and protection for their loved ones.
  • Pray for extra grace and patience for those 'shielding' at home who have been asked to extend their time in lockdown. 
  • For wisdom for those making tough decisions about going back to work or sending their kids back to school.


Today's prayer points are based on an article by John Stevens (National Director of FIEC) which is well worth checking out here
  • Let us pray that each of us receive a renewed sense of the vital importance of meeting together and making it a priority (virtually for now, and in time physically).
  • Let us repent of our own self-dependence and ask God's help in learning to live by faith and prayer.
  • May we ask God's help to put care for the interests of others above our own needs.
  • May God help us to have a renewed sense of urgency in sharing the vital hope of the Gospel with our neighbours, family and friends.
  • Let us pray asking the Lord's help to deepen our relationships in our families, church family and with others in the community. May God help us to resolve any unresolved tensions or broken relationships.
  • May God help us to value what really matters in life, giving up consumerism and idolatry.
  • Whatever our political persuasion, may God help us to value the government he has placed over us and pray for them.
  • May we make the most of this time to develop good habits of daily prayer and time in God's word.
  • May we grow in our joy and confidence in the Gospel and the glorious future that awaits every believer...and so live life to the full now.
  • May God help us to pray for our brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering and in great need at this time.

  • Pray that frontline workers in hospitals, care homes and other services receieve the personal protective equipment (ppe) they so desperately need.
  • Let us give thanks for the recovery of our Prime Minister and all others whose bodies are healing from the affects of the virus.
  • Pray for businesses that are collapsing due to the financial pressures they are under. These matters involve real lives and families.
  • May we praise God for a hope beyond death- that all who put their trust in Christ will be raised just as Christ Himself was raised that first Easter Sunday.
Let us pray for all of these things (and the items for prayer below) trusting in God our Father who is pleased to hear the prayers of His children.

  • Let us pray for scientists and others working hard at developing a vaccine for covid-19 (along with other important items for prayer on the list below).
  • Pray for the logistics teams who are delivering vital supplies to hospitals, pharmacies and supermarkets at this time.
  • Please pray for those who have other medical needs at this time, but have had appointments or operations cancelled.
  • Pray for nations around the world, particularly those which have poor healthcare systems.
  • Pray for each of us for our christian growth, that we would grow in our love and knowledge of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour.
  • Pray for opportunities for each of us to reach out with the love and message of Christ who is our living hope.

Here are some important things we can be praying for at this time...
  • For those who are unwell at this time, for their families and those taking care of them.
  • For those grieving the loss of loved ones.
  • For those who are fearful, scared or anxious at this time.
  • For the NHS staff who are working very long hours and all in healthcare who are serving us on the frontline with great courage and sacrifice.
  • For those who are living on their own and feeling particularly isolated at this time.
  • For the homeless and those particularly vulnerable at the moment.
  • For the Prime Minister and Government as they seek to lead us as a nation through this challenging time.
  • For those working in supermarkets, pharmacies and other businesses which remain open at this time.
  • For those who have lost their job or are facing such a daunting prospect in the weeks and months ahead.
  • For children and young people worried about their futures with exams having been cancelled.
  • For parents juggling work and childcare, particularly for those living in small spaces.
  • For those with elderly parents or relatives whom they are unable to visit at this time.
  • For all to lift their eyes to Jesus for true and everlasting hope

Please see this link from the FIEC for more helpful prayer pointers

and this link from SIM (Serving in Mission)