5 Questions The Coronavirus Pandemic Raises 


We would like to recommend to you a live video broadcast that Flitwick Baptist Church are hosting with Michael Ots - https://michaelots.com - a popular Christian writer and speaker entitled  "Five questions the coronavirus pandemic raises" - as a useful evangelistic tool if you have neighbours, friends or family who are asking questions at this time.

The event is being hosted on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/flitwick.baptist and will appear on the page as a live video when it is live on Monday. The link below takes you to the event where if you have a Facebook account you can share, invite, mark that you are attending etc. You should still be able to view the event on our Facebook page even if you are not logged into Facebook, but it works far better if you have a Facebook account.


This may be a good way to provide some Bible-based answers to the questions people have at this time of uncertainty so please think about and use this if you have people whom you think may be blessed by it.